One Nation Under Blood : The Sowing

“One Nation Under Blood” is a dystopian tale about a new blood technology that allows old people to heal themselves with children’s blood. A supply and demand problem develops. In response the government makes a law forcing the youth to routinely donate their blood. To stream line the process kids are rounded up and milked at blood camps. Seniors living off the blood of the young gives a whole new creepy definition to the word vampire. ALL THESE LINKS BELOW LEAD TO THE SPECIAL 1/2 SALES UNTIL NOVEMBER 1st.

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Here is a sneak peak of the artwork from One Nation Under Blood

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4 thoughts on “One Nation Under Blood : The Sowing

  1. Leslie Fish says:

    Hurry and finish the series before technology bypasses it. It’s already possible to clone blood — and skin, and other tissues. Assembling the live tissues and bioprinting them into whole organs is the next step, and the researchers are working on it.

    –Leslie < Fish

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